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Tens of thousands have attended a CHOICE programme Weekend in more than 10 countries including Singapore, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, USA and UK. CHOICE in Malaysia is for Single Adults (does not include divorcees or single parents), age 23 - 40 years, for those who would like to take a break from the hustlebustle of life in favor of time to reflect, recharge and consider what matters most in life; important people in our lives and how we communicate with them; and love, thekind of love prescribed by Christ.

CHOICE is an outreach program for Single Adults developed through the generosity and selfless love of the Worldwide Marriage Encounter Family. The outreach presents in a positive way what belonging in a relationship means, the consequences and the conditions of belonging and the question of “DO YOU WANT TO BELONG?”. It also fosters and creates an environment in which Single Adults and others share life experiences on a personal level. This stimulating experience in personal relationships seeks to impart a sense of belonging, mission and purpose in life. It is an exploration of relationships and creates a growing depth of trust and communication.


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